Build your professional presence with digital writing

I’m fired up to share this with you today!

Do you write? I don’t mean daily email communication or bullet points for the powerpoint deck! (Unless you do those in unique, creative ways.)

I’ve written throughout my career. Sporadically, not consistently. I’ve written journal and magazine articles, a few chapters of books, letters to the editor, a few jokes and short stories no one ever saw and I don’t have anymore. 🙁

And this newsletter.

However, I’ve never considered myself a writer.

But there’s a renaissance going on right now that I encourage you to consider. And it can change your life and career.

That is starting to write and sharing it with the world. Even if you’ve never done it before. Even if you think you’re a bad writer. Even if you think you have nothing to say. Or that no one wants to hear from you.

Writing, or I should say publishing, has become a critical part of one’s professional development and what I call your professional presence.

But you probably have a lot of baggage about writing and publishing it for other’s to see: The discouraging way writing is taught in schools; That only big publications are worth writing for. Your belief that your writing has to adhere to the “brand voice” of where you work; That anything you write has to be super-authoritative; Or that you’ve decided “not to be on social media.”

All of that is irrelevant to engaging in a consistent writing habit that develops you professionally.

You can write about exactly what you find interesting. You can write how you want – a sentence at a time, a paragraph or two or a longer essay. (Spoiler alert – writing short things is easier and they tend to get more engagement. You get in more reps and there’s a better chance people who appreciate you will find you!)

It’s easy to get started. Pick a platform (don’t over think it!) Write something. Hit publish! Repeat.

At first no one will see your writing. But you’ll get personal benefits. Over time, people who like what you write will find you and share it with others. They’ll give you feedback. Your audience will grow. And you’ll grow with them.

There are so many benefits to writing and sharing on a consistent basis. It will help you in whatever journey you are on. It provides clarity, perspective, new ideas, and eventually new opportunities. All for you.

A few interesting things that are happening that might inspire you:

  1. Writing challenges or cohorts that support each other in a commitment to write something every day for 30 days. e.g. Ship30for30 has students write an Atomic Essay every day for 30 days.
  2. Building in public as a strategy for success. Whether you’re starting a company, inside one or just doing a project, people are sharing their journeys with lessons learned that inspire and attract others.
  3. Simply sharing points of view, tips or perspective on a daily basis to build and serve and audience. And sometimes they are just little visuals like here and here.

It’s important to remember you’re doing this for yourself and your own professional development. So choose the topics you like geeking out about. Write in a way that you enjoy and can be consistent with. Choose a platform that already has people on it that you appreciate.

If you want to get started or you’re already doing it – let me know! I’d be happy to subscribe or follow. I will also consider focusing the next Topic Jam on writing for professional development. If that sounds interesting to you, click here.

Have a great week,


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