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Learn and apply new mindsets, behaviors and skills

I helped develop the fields of human-centered design and design thinking. Join me to learn, explore and apply a range of mindsets and techniques to your work.

Develop deeper insights

Learn how to dimension and explore your problem quickly and deeply.

Understand experience

Learn how to identify, recruit and work with staff and customers.

Frame opportunities

Create clarity for what challenge or opportunity you pursue.

Develop better ideas

Improve the quality and quantity of ideas that you come up with.

Create Holistic Solutions

Combine ideas into robust solutions that get adopted.

Prototype anything

Stop just talking about your ideas and start bringing them to life!

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Meet the hosts of Abundant Professional

Chris Conley
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"Chris has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of the matter, inspire new ideas and help you get unstuck. I highly recommend membership in AP Studio. I'm constantly learning."

I'm Chris Conley. I helped build the fields of human-centered design & innovation. I am passionate about helping professionals unlock the mindset and behaviors of a more rewarding work experience and building work cultures that are creative, fun and deeply meaningful.

I founded the the innovation consultancy, gravitytank, that became known for its unique, high performing culture that was based on collaboration and creative engagement with the client.

We sold gravitytank to Salesforce in 2016 and I now teach and mentor professionals through this membership, AP Studio.

I invite you to join us and start learning new skills and approaches that make work more engaging, rewarding and effective. Invest in yourself and your career.

Sarah Kerr

"Sarah is one of the most thoughtful and creative professionals I've ever worked with. She encourages my ideas and helps me realize them."

I’m Sarah Kerr, a community health care professional with 20 years experience in the field. 

I believe that what really matters are the relationships we foster in order to get the work done -- building up the people around us, asking good questions, and being open to new ideas is what drives meaningful change.

My vision for building healthier, more effective workplaces is rooted in the idea that we all have something to contribute and that the first step is inviting one another in to share our experiences and ideas.

I strive to listen first, approach what I don’t understand with curiosity, and to fiercely defend what I know to be right and true.