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Learn and apply new mindsets, behaviors and skills

I helped develop the fields of human-centered design and design thinking. Join me to learn, explore and apply a wide range of mindsets, behaviors and skills!

Develop deeper insights

Learn how to dimension and explore your problem quickly and deeply.

Understand experience

Learn how to identify, recruit and work with staff and customers.

Better frame opportunities

Is your team clear on what challenge or opportunity you are pursuing?

Develop better ideas

Improve the quality and impact of solutions that you come up with.

Iterate to success

New ideas are fragile and often fail. Iteration shapes it's success.

Prototype anything

Stop just talking about your ideas and start bringing them to life!

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I've inspired thousands of professionals to be more creative, engaged and impactful in their work. It's what I love doing -- bringing meaning and accomplishment to everyday work!

hacky Sack

I'm Chris Conley, a pioneer in the field of creative problem solving in business. I am passionate about helping others unlock the mindset and behaviors of a more rewarding work experience and building work cultures that are creative, fun and deeply meaningful.

I founded the the innovation consultancy, gravitytank, that became known for its unique, high performing culture that was based on collaboration and deep, creative engagement with client projects.

We sold gravitytank to Salesforce in 2016 and I now teach and mentor professionals through this platform, abundant professional.

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