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Professional development for

curious, growth-minded people.

If you are interested in learning the skills and techniques that help you to tackle any project with confidence & success, then consider the AP Studio membership.

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Are any of these you?

You're interested in human-centered design thinking and want to learn without having to go back to grad school

You're a strategist, researcher or designer and want to develop more creative & effective problem solving skills

You're looking for professional development that doesn't suck and that you can put to use immediately

You feel like a "team of 1" and would benefit from a like-minded, inspiring community that supports and shares insights with each other

Yes? Then consider joining AP Studio.

AP Studio is an accessible, online membership that helps you develop new creative problem solving skills through short, practical lessons, live coaching calls and a community to share the journey with.

I am in AP Studio everyday to be there when you need it!


"I love the way Chris frames concepts, removing the theory and putting them in plain language. I've added so many new techniques to my professional tool box.


Brand Design Lead


"I was sharing a story about how my department was organized, and Chris responded, ‘You could lead that team.’ It jolted me into pursuing a new leadership role, which I quickly obtained."


SVP Sr. Director, Head


"Chris not only brings extremely valuable content, he cultivates a community. I've partnered with him to support and connect with other like-minded professionals in AP Studio."


VP Operations, Healthcare

Learn & apply The New Skills of Professional Work

No matter your discipline, as a professional in today's world, you are being asked to work on projects that aren't like the ones in the textbook! And no number of Zoom meetings really helps in addressing them.

You need to learn about new topic areas, engage others more collaboratively, have better ideas and test solutions before investing more.

I call these The New Skills of Professional Work.

They come from a variety of disciplines, but are all focused on better mindsets, principles and skills that make work more engaging and you more successful.

Meet the hosts of Abundant Professional

Chris Conley
Chris Headshot for waitlist

"Chris has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of the matter, inspire new ideas and help you get unstuck. I highly recommend membership in AP Studio. I'm constantly learning."

I'm Chris Conley. I helped build the fields of human-centered design & innovation. I am passionate about helping professionals unlock the mindset and behaviors of a more rewarding work experience and building work cultures that are creative, fun and deeply meaningful.

I founded the the innovation consultancy, gravitytank, that became known for its unique, high performing culture that was based on collaboration and creative engagement with the client.

We sold gravitytank to Salesforce in 2016 and I now teach and mentor professionals through this membership, AP Studio.

I invite you to join us and start learning new skills and approaches that make work more engaging, rewarding and effective. Invest in yourself and your career.

Sarah Kerr

"Sarah is one of the most thoughtful and creative professionals I've ever worked with. She encourages my ideas and helps me realize them."

I’m Sarah Kerr, a community health care professional with 20 years experience in the field. 

I believe that what really matters are the relationships we foster in order to get the work done -- building up the people around us, asking good questions, and being open to new ideas is what drives meaningful change.

My vision for building healthier, more effective workplaces is rooted in the idea that we all have something to contribute and that the first step is inviting one another in to share our experiences and ideas.

I strive to listen first, approach what I don’t understand with curiosity, and to fiercely defend what I know to be right and true.

Learn & explore new ideas & techniques in multiple topic areas

For example, these are the discussion forums representing the core topic areas of the New Skills for Professional Work.


* How the membership works *

AP Studio is designed for busy, time constrained professionals. You can engage live or anytime online.

You can't fall behind because the content and the community are always here for you.


Monthly topic

Each month, you'll focus on one topic and receive a number of ideas & methods in the form of a video training and reference material. The video and materials are bite-sized, easily digestible and equip you to take action.

You get inspiring content that doesn't overwhelm and that you can immediately apply. What's not to like? 🤓


  • One topic provides a theme to focus on over the month - not a whole course to get through. (I get it, you have a day job!)
  • Several ideas and methods give you different potential ways to try in your specific context.


Weekly Coaching Calls

Every week, you can attend a live coaching call where you can discuss any topic you have a question about. It could be about the month's focus topic or something else. You can also submit a question beforehand and I'll answer live.

The times of these calls are staggered over the month so you can pick a convenient one to join.


  • Live engagement with myself and the community to deepen your understanding of the topic and ways of applying it in your context.
  • Flexibility to address your burning questions and special situations outside of the monthly topic.
  • Learning from others' experience on the call and sharing your own.


Private online community

While there are various groups online (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) you may participate in, the quality of the content and conversation can be spotty.

AP Studio has a private online community of like-minded professionals that you can browse and participate in. I am there daily to share interesting finds, raise questions and answer yours!


  • Any time you have a question, you can fire up the mobile app and post in in the activity feed or in a topic forum. You'll get a reply within 24 hours and most times, within a few.
  • The community allows you to meet new and interesting professionals, each with an abundant and generous attitude.


Weekly roundup

You have a full time job, so often you will not be able to stop by the live events or community discussions.

That's why at the end of every week, you'll receive a roundup email that shares what happened during the week including calls, hot topics in the community and upcoming events. Direct links to the content make it easy to get to what interests you.


  • An easy way to stay in the loop even when you have a busy week.
  • Discover things you may have missed.

Everything accessible through a fast & easy online platform

Get access to everything through the web or the native mobile app.

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Access the training & live calls anytime, on your schedule
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Easily add AP Studio events to your calendar
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Founding member's special offer

AP Studio is just getting started. As a Founding Member, you'll help set the tone and topics we cover.

You retain this pricing for as long as you remain a member.

All plans have the same benefits. Choose your payment plan:




Easy decision to start.

  • A new topic to work on every month

  • Weekly live calls

  • Private community to engage with

  • All training & live calls are recorded

  • Web or mobile app for anytime access




Two months free.

  • A new topic to work on every month

  • Weekly live calls

  • Private community to engage with

  • All training & live calls are recorded

  • Web or mobile app for anytime access



By # of Team Members

Managed from one account.

  • A new topic to work on every month

  • Weekly live calls

  • Private community to engage with

  • All training & live calls are recorded

  • Web or mobile app for anytime access

30-day money back guarantee on all plans

If AP Studio is not working for you, just send an email within the first 30 days and we will refund your payment. No questions asked.

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