Week 3 – Using Visuals to Foster Feedback and More!


  • Week 3 – Using Visuals to Foster Feedback and More!

    Posted by Chris on October 22, 2023 at 9:21 am

    It was a small group with a wonderful exploration of several dimensions of feedback. Here are some highlights:

    • You often need to name the idea that clear, honest feedback is expected so others go beyond niceties, grammar and punctuation in their response. A culture of great feedback is often not present.

    • The creation and use of large diagrams and frameworks, posted on a wall, can capture more and different kinds of feedback and keep it persistent over time. Think Journey Maps, Empathy Maps or workflow diagrams…

    • Consider opportunities for both informal and formal feedback sessions. Informal on our day to day work and formal for our bigger projects with more people involved. In more formal settings, take time to state the nature and dynamic of feedback that will be helpful.

    • In meetings when the conversation turns to a narrow debate, considering leading a pause for everyone in the meeting to write down individual thoughts and feedback and share round robin to get more points of view.

    Here’s the recording:


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