Week 2 – Principles of Feedback & Practicing Feedback


  • Week 2 – Principles of Feedback & Practicing Feedback

    Posted by Chris on October 15, 2023 at 10:02 am

    What a great session! We dug into some strategies to support effective sharing and feedback. Some tips include:

    • Present the goal of work – it’s important to separate the desired outcome from the individual ideas that will help get you there.

    • Be concise – don’t spend all your time explaining your work, leave most of your allotted time to gathering feedback.

    • Lean into phrases like “interesting!”, “say more about that”, and “yes, thanks” when accepting feedback. Resist the urge to respond or defend.

    • Try using a simple framework to structure feedback – I like, I wish, I wonder is easy and effective!

    We spent the remainder of our time together practicing by sharing a rough idea and getting feedback. Shout out to Brea and Jack for bravely volunteering!

    Here’s the recording:


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