Week 3 – Belonging & Inclusion in Our Own Work

  • Week 3 – Belonging & Inclusion in Our Own Work

    Posted by Chris on March 17, 2024 at 8:34 am

    This week we focused on situations we encounter in our work where we could have an impact on belonging. So we took 10 minutes to reflect and write down some examples.

    – Wayne shared that he was forced to begin sharing some of his work with staff when OVERWHELMED by the impacts of Covid. But he saw that it was great for staff AND good for him. He is looking to do more of that and “not wait for a major extinction event to act.”

    – Hilda asked herself, “What am I doing wrong?” when staff weren’t getting her the data she asked for. She didn’t ask, “what’s wrong with them?” A productive discussion with the team led to understanding and a better relationship — and the data!

    – Hilda also shared the idea that we are all walking around with our own bubble of safety and comfort. It limits what we do with others. And that we have to break through it with other people to make better things happen.

    – Our member Mark shared a personal example of the Fundamental Attribution Error. A neighbor complained to the HOA about their electric vehicle charging cord being. atrip hazard. He started making all sorts of assumptions about this neighbor. He realized he just needs to go and speak with him and learn more about them — and build a relationship.

    – Chris shared the opportunity in his new position as Interim President and CEO of an organization to work inclusion and belonging between the board and senior executive team and has started doing so! He’s excited. Grace hopes for his sanity when some of the people don’t change. 😅


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