Week 2 – Member's topics, ideas and questions

  • Week 2 – Member's topics, ideas and questions

    Posted by Chris on December 18, 2023 at 9:48 am

    We had a free flowing discussion rich with great insights and shares. Here’s just a few to wet your palate for the recording.

    • Sarah wondered about equity metrics. Measuring the impact of our efforts around equity and inclusion is important. We can move beyond diversity counts by engaging with people, asking them directly about their experiences and observations.

    • Jack reminded us that no group of people with a shared identity are monolithic. How might we center diverse identities and experiences without tokenizing people?

    • Chris shared the work Chicago’s Office of Budget and Management has done around equity. “Budgets are moral documents that reflect the values and priorities of the entity that creates them.”

    • Pay for performance or “merit pay” is incredibly complex. While often heralded as a path towards increased equity, it can easily be perverted to achieve the opposite. How might we pay all staff a livable wage while avoiding the capitalistic notion that our value is always measured in comparison to someone else?

    Here is the recording:


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