Week 2 – Six Techniques and the Right Mindset

  • Week 2 – Six Techniques and the Right Mindset

    Posted by Chris on April 13, 2024 at 7:51 am

    We welcomed new AP Studio member David and explored ways we can flex our fast learning muscles in real life. Chris ran through six techniques that got our brain juices flowing and, per usual, we had some great conversation and aha’s.

    Here’s the summarized list of the six strategies:

    • Mindset – explore ideas over seeking the “right” answer.
    • Go to the action – observe without judgement, look for the workarounds and hacks that actually make the thing you’re observing possible.
    • Have lots of open ended conversations – be curious, refrain from judgement, ignore hierarchy, and talk to new and different folks.
    • Do the thing – go a step beyond observing and try the task/workflow/whatever yourself. Get humble and ask someone to show you how, step by step.
    • Desk research – read, listen, watch things about the topic you’re exploring. Look for content from a wide variety of sources and perspectives. Go broad, not deep.
    • Get visual – create a visual representation of what’s happening (processes, relationships, movement) or what you’re learning about. Draw a diagram, sketch a cartoon storyboard, make a collage – try it even if you don’t think you’re good at it.

    Check out the session replay. The overview of six techniques starts at 1:45 and is about 10 minutes long. Easy watch!


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