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Are you interested in working in more creative and engaging ways as a professional?

Consider joining me in The Studio.

The Studio is an online membership with exclusive monthly content, coaching and daily answers to your specific questions.

Launching soon!

Does any of this sound familiar?

You're a business professional or entrepreneur looking to learn new techniques to make your work more successful

You love design thinking but have had no formal training and want to learn from an experienced practitioner

You feel like a "team of 1" and would value being a part of a like-minded, inspiring community

You're a practicing researcher, designer or business professional and want to continue to build broader problem solving skills in business

You practice design thinking but would love ongoing content to inspire and develop new skills and approaches in your work

If any do, then you know the challenge of finding great training to help you develop.

That's why I created The Studio!

The Studio is a monthly membership that helps you develop new creative problem solving skills through live coaching calls, short courses and a vibrant question and answer forum.

I am in the Studio everyday to help you succeed!

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