Week 4 – Wildcard led to Happiness!

  • Week 4 – Wildcard led to Happiness!

    Posted by Chris on May 25, 2024 at 7:27 am

    We had a small but mighty group for this month’s wildcard session, so we wrapped a little early to get our long weekend started. A few highlights:

    • The country of Bhutan made happiness a national priority starting in the 1970′s. They measure gross national happiness (GNH) using four pillars and nine domains.
    • Inspired by Bhutan, Hilda helps lead a happiness initiative in her community – reach out to her for ideas if you want to start your own happiness work locally!
    • Wayne offered the story of Dan Price, the CEO of Gravity Payments, who in 2015 introduced a $70,000 minimum salary for all of his 120 staff – taking a personal pay cut of $1million in the process.
    • Optimism is infectious. Leaders can transform a culture by building their own resilience to negativity and capacity for authentic optimism. It is not ignoring the bad, it is remaining positive while addressing the challenges. Bubbles help!
    • Demonstrating authentic care for people is an unlock for creating healthier workplaces. It might seem obvious… so why aren’t we doing it widely and well? What’s holding you back from making happiness a priority in your organization?
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