Week 3 – Strategies for challenging listening situations

  • Week 3 – Strategies for challenging listening situations

    Posted by Chris on May 18, 2024 at 8:29 pm

    We took a look back at the Miro board and dug into a handful of concepts from our curiosity brainstorm earlier this month.

    • When struggling to listen because someone is talking A LOT, try slowing down the conversation by asking them to break down their main points, summarize back to them what you have heard, or jump up to a white board and start jotting down key ideas.
    • Listening for clues that connect word spoken to deeper meaning takes practice. Try noting patterns you’re picking up and then confirming your understanding with the speaker.
    • To really level up your listening game, try some visual listening tools! It can be as simple and putting key words up on the wall or doodling. Chris and Sarah shared resources to get interested folks started with sketchnoting. See below!
    • Video recording is here.

    Sketchnoting references:

    Listening Miro board.

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