Week 1 – Curiosity brainstorm on Listening

  • Week 1 – Curiosity brainstorm on Listening

    Posted by Chris on May 5, 2024 at 8:08 am

    We kicked off our first May session discussing our top of mind thoughts about listening. What questions come up? What experiences inform your thinking about listening? What ideas do you want to explore this month? You had lots to say, as evidenced by the Miro board which is chock full of insights and ideas!

    Here’s just a few concepts we covered during our time together.

    • It’s a mistake to assume listening is all about the ears and receiving information. Great listening is a collaboration that is reciprocal, dynamic, and multi-faceted.
    • It’s natural to sometimes feel challenged to do your best listening. One strategy is to use listening prompts to stay engaged and deepen your understanding. Let’s build a list together, here’s a few to start: “Say more about that.”, “Can you expand on…”, “that makes me think of X, am I on the right track?”
    • Navigating cultural contexts and neurodiversity which influence communication styles and preferences can feel overwhelming. Listening with genuine curiosity, humility, and authenticity are unlocks to help us through the uncertainty.
    • What does listening with equity in mind mean? How might we become more aware of who we choose to listen to and why? What does equity-centered listening look like?



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