Week 3 Live Session

  • Posted by Chris on May 21, 2023 at 8:09 am


    Another lively discussion on Friday, this time we explored creating curiosity in the moment. When it’s needed, why it’s impactful, and how to do it.

    Some ideas and insights:

    • Keep your eyes and ears open for indicators that signal curiosity might be lacking. Signals include blame & defensiveness, rampant assumptions, absolutist language (He always, they never), and an abundance of opinions over questions.
    • Cultivating relationships builds a foundation for curiosity. It’s easier to “get curious” with folks you’re invested in and have baseline trust established with.
    • Marilee posited that “sowing some confusion” can ignite a spark of curiosity. Presenting a small amount of unexpected information counter to the predominant narrative can get folks asking questions.
    • Chris shared a bevy of strategies!

    Create a pause – slow down the conversation to insert curiosity.
    Ask people to go deeper – “say more about that…”
    Use body language – uncross your arms, stand up, move around.
    Invite someone into the conversation that hasn’t spoken up.

    • Dan reminded us that being uncomfortable is part of the process and that the reward is almost always worth it.

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